Better than T.V.


Daddy, Turtle, and Bug are cleaning out the old shed, in preparation for a new, larger, one. And the Pickle is watching, fascinated. Her very own live! With all her favorite characters!

You wouldn’t know it from this happy scene, but we have among the five of us: 1 injured eye (stray snowball from earlier this week), 1 case of pink eye, 1 viral something-or-other (baby’s first illness!), 1 injured back and 1 injured shoulder. Necessitating 4 urgent calls to the advice nurse, 3 chiropractic visits, 2 doctor’s appointments, and 1 physical therapy visit. All this week.

When it rains, it pours…

That said, it is sunny out now, and the gleeful screams of the big kids helping daddy–or, “helping”–are music to my ears.


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