Eggs, Baskets, and Treats-Oh, My!

I am so happy that the kidlets are still excited by the Easter Bunny coming.




So excited, I couldn’t get them to stand still for a picture!


They were equally excited by the sugary contents of their basket. [Note daddy in the background. Easter also means allergies, which seem to get worse every year, poor guy.]

If course, baby pickle slept through all the excitement. She did get a basket, complete with candy, prompting the kids to wonder excitedly who would get to eat all her candy…ah, the joys of having a younger sibling too little for junk food!


Better than T.V.


Daddy, Turtle, and Bug are cleaning out the old shed, in preparation for a new, larger, one. And the Pickle is watching, fascinated. Her very own live! With all her favorite characters!

You wouldn’t know it from this happy scene, but we have among the five of us: 1 injured eye (stray snowball from earlier this week), 1 case of pink eye, 1 viral something-or-other (baby’s first illness!), 1 injured back and 1 injured shoulder. Necessitating 4 urgent calls to the advice nurse, 3 chiropractic visits, 2 doctor’s appointments, and 1 physical therapy visit. All this week.

When it rains, it pours…

That said, it is sunny out now, and the gleeful screams of the big kids helping daddy–or, “helping”–are music to my ears.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Bars

I’m not sure how I feel about these. They have all the ingredients of a winner: chocolate chips, pecans, sugar, butter. And a couple surprises (whole wheat flour, maple syrup).

They look good.


Don’t they?

But they taste a little, well, healthy. If I’m going to be eating all those chips and pecans, I think I prefer that it taste as decadent as possible. Don’t you agree? So, while these were quite yummy, I’m not completely sold.

Don’t take my word for it: try them yourself!

Tax Season Cookie Bars from Plan to Eat.


I had planned on making my spring break the time for getting the baby on a better sleep schedule. Which is to say, any sort of schedule at all. However, the flu (which I never usually get because I’m so good at getting the flu shot!) is really getting in the way of that plan.

In fact, the flu is really cramping my parenting. How can I yell at the kids when I have no voice? Now when they say, we didn’t hear you! they are actually right.

That said, I did feel well enough to sit outside in the sun! A mere three days after a snow day! And listen to the excited sounds of the kids playing with our backyard neighbor’s kids. The warm sun and fresh air were a welcome change from being cooped up in the sick house. I know we all will benefit from the thorough airing-out the house got from having all the windows open.

And it does my soul good to take those moments to be grateful that it’s only the flu, and it will pass soon enough, and extra grateful that the baby hasn’t gotten sick despite constant proximity to me. (Hoping I didn’t just jinx us…) I know there are so many people out there who would love to have a non-sleep trained baby or a simple case of the flu to worry about. So I know to be thankful for how good I’ve got it, missing voice and all.