Off to the races…


Fast Turtle took first place in his den at the cub scouts pinewood derby! The surprise was Baby Bug’s car winning the sibling/parent category, and being only a couple hundredths of a second behind the overall pack winner. We were not expecting her car to be so fast–it wasn’t even at the max weight.

For the first time, the pack also had design awards. And, perhaps unsurprisingly, none of the winners of the den-level races won best design for their den. While this was a nice way for the non-first place races to also get an award, it came as a surprise to Fast Turtle. He was really counting on getting the best design award, and not really thinking that he’d win for speed. So he was thrilled when his car was fastest, and not so thrilled when he didn’t get the design award. We talked a little bit about how it was nice that some boys won for speed, and some boys for design, but that it was hard to win for both. Not sure he was mollified…


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