Red Rose Tea Figurines


I started collecting these figurines soon after moving back to the states; I don’t remember how I got started except that Red Rose tea was inexpensive and quickly became my favorite daily tea. And so the collection began. Now the kids have gotten into my love for these figurines, and are even more excited than I when it’s time to open a new box. Although we’ve lost some over the years (a few died in tragic falling-behind-the-stove accidents back when we used to display them on the windowsill above the stove), we do have a complete set of the calendar themed figurines. The new set is nautical themed figures, and the kids (we all!) were so excited to have new ones to look for. They’ve even gotten daddy into it, and he now has a system for alternating stores where we buy tea and checking serial numbers to try to make sure we don’t get too many of the same figurines! It isn’t a very big or important activity, but I really love that our family shares the joy of opening up a new package of tea to discover what hides inside. And, of course, the joy of drinking tea together!


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