Getting old…

You know you are getting old when…

1. Your skin-care products are the same ones your mother has.

2. You can’t figure out how to answer your own mobile phone.

3. You walk around campus and see students wearing trends you wore as a kid. Whoever brought off-the-shoulder sweatshirts and leggings BACK?

4. You realize you are closer to having a teenager than to being one yourself. Much, much closer.

5. You hear loud music and think, “crazy kids…”

6. People call you “ma’am.” Not just the kids. Everyone.

7. Your kids say things like, “MOM, let me show you how…”

8. You tell a story about your school experiences, and it hits you that grew up without cell phones, blogs, Facebook, Google, reality TV…or pretty much anything computer-like except those electronic “word processors” and an Atari. (Pong!)


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