It might not LOOK like work…

As we eke into mid-semester crunch, I’m going to steal some words about academic writing from Harmonia’s Necklace:

I realize that most people don’t understand the type of intense work this sort of writing requires. And they don’t realize that while reading and writing are things I’ve always done well, that doesn’t mean that these particular reading and writing activities are easy for me. No, I can’t just crank out a dissertation like I use to crank out papers the night before they were due when I was in high school. Just doesn’t work that way.

Now, if I could only print this out and tape it to every available surface for the 48 hours prior to a paper deadline. In truth, though, I can’t complain–I think my family actually does understand and respect the fact that I often do have to do work instead of making dinner, refereeing the kids, cleaning up…

But, in happier news, I have a committee (yay!) and I have a first portfolio meeting all but set (just waiting on one to commit), and I’m actually up to speed on grading, um, sort of, and pretty much up to speed in prep. Getting observed tomorrow in my freshman comp-esque class, so still perfecting the materials for that. I will be so relieved to be on the 2nd iteration of this course; starting a new class (well, new to me) from scratch is such a lot of work.

Overall, I’m hanging in there. By the skin of my teeth. I do feel like my work is giving me so many ripe opportunities for reflection about my teaching and my research interests, if I only had an extra day a week to actually think about any of it. Much less improve. But, there’s always the summer!

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