Logging on this morning for a quick little update–along the “we’re busy! semester’s almost over! busybusybusy!” line–I realized that this, right here, is my 100th post. I started over 2 years ago with this birthday post, and so I guess that averages around a post every week and a half? Eh, math, whatever. I do know that I clipped along at a pretty good pace until last spring, coinciding with starting school.

Since starting to write here, as opposed to the previous couple years here, it’s been a busy couple years…

  • ~200 pages written (that’s in the neighbourhood of 50’000 words)
  • 405 hours in class
  • 20 (academic) books & ~250 journal articles read

And, I’m not quite half-way through! Um, coursework. Not even thinking about how long the dissertation might take. Although, I did secure 2 of 3 committee members this week, with a strong possibility for the third, so that’s a big step in the right direction.

But, there more to life than school! Although my husband might just give me a look if he read that (and perhaps a sardonic snort). So, in other listyness…

  • Changed jobs twice
  • Had hand, foot & mouth disease, bronchitis, (probably) H1N1 flu, assorted colds
  • Travelled to Florida, New York, Turkey (haha, oh the jet-set life)

Hmm. When I started that list, I thought that it would be a fun way to sum up my 100 posts. But, none of the day-to-day is captured (well, except maybe the pages read and written). Even if I had “hours spent prepping lessons” or “mornings I was woken up at 5am” (answer to both: A LOT), those numbers wouldn’t really convey the important parts. The snuggling with the babies in the pre-dawn dark, as they crawl in our bed to kiss and cajole me awake. The struggle to make lesson planning more deliberate, more focused, more connected, and the reality that–some days–I change what I’m doing 5 minutes before class starts because the photocopy machine isn’t working, or my internet links aren’t loading properly.

I was reading an article last night written by a woman I once had the pleasure of working with, and she wrote:

Wisdom–like philosophy–is found in the interaction between a person, her developmental complexity, and the demands and supports of his society. It is not enough for a person alone to embody wisdom. Instead, she needs to offer wisdom in a way that can be seen and understood by others. The context of what kind of wisdom is needed in a particular situation is likely as great an influence as the actual wise one himself.

I certainly wouldn’t say that I am “wise” just yet; what I understand from this is that the maxim “context is everything” is true for great questions, like what is wisdom, and for small ones as well. New jobs and books read and other milestones mean nothing without the context of a life–and I am so lucky that mine is a rich, rich life. One that I am struggling to construct–and to deserve.


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