Streets REALLY Made For Walking!

The streets of NYC, of course! I <heart> New York in a major way. Maybe it would be different if we lived there full-time–surely it would be, if only because we probably couldn’t afford to live in an apartment large enough for all of us to not be on top of each other all the time! But, assuming that we could somehow magically afford a 3 (preferably 4) bedroom apartment in a building with an elevator (because climbing stairs carrying kids and groceries has got to be a circle in mommy-hell) in a location with a good public school and near a park (the last part actually seems pretty doable, just judging from our jaunts this weekend)…well, I think that it would be great fun. NYC reminds me a lot of two of my favorite places–Paris and Istanbul. Having a bakery around the corner. Access to fresh fruits and vegetables without having to trek to a supermarket. Many independent shops and restaurants providing variety and quality. Ample people-watching opportunities. CUPCAKE SHOPS. Whole shops devoted to cupcakes. And buttercream frosting. Need I say more??

Enjoying our delicious desserts!
Enjoying our delicious desserts!

*I say quality because I believe that having a variety of small, independent shops and restaurants provides the consumer with higher quality and better value. This is how: a small restaurant in a city like the ones mentioned above has to provide quality and value; if it doesn’t, patrons have a multitude of other places to patronize, and there are many other restaurateurs waiting to take over the location if you fail. With lower population density in the suburbs, there are fewer owners–or landlords–wanting to take a chance on small businesses. Thus, chains–restaurants, stores, supermarkets–abound.


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