Keep your government hands off of MY Medicare!

From PortlyDyke at Shakesville:

But I am truly sick of hearing about how we don’t need health-care reform from any and all of the following people and groups of people:

  1. Insurance Companies and Their Paid Representatives, including “Grass-roots” Organizations That Are Funded by Insurance Lobbyists and PR Firms
  2. Congressional members and political figures who are covered by one of the best health benefit plans in the country (or their spouses, who often remain covered even after divorce).
  3. Any of the more than 96 million people who are covered by a public health plan such as Medicare or Medicaid, or the nearly 8 million people covered by VA health care.
  4. Anyone who receives health care coverage from their employer, but who has no idea what that would cost them out of pocket if they for paid that coverage privately.
  5. Dick. Fucking. Armey. — who is currently suing the government to try to get out of medicare without losing his Social Security — because he wants to keep the benefits he had as a member of Congress.

Will somebody please get some End-Of-Life counseling for the G.O.P. already!?!?!?!

I think I’m laughing so hard I’m crying. Or just crying. THANK YOU for someone out there calling out the hypocrisy of all the over-insured wanting to deny insurance to everyone else. I just don’t get it and my brain. just. might. EXPLODE! if I have to listen to one more of my newly republican friends [which, really. WTF. we aren’t even in our 40s. we shouldn’t be becoming GOP clones *quite* yet.] talk about “socialized medicine” and how it means we are becoming like Sweden and soon will pay over 50% of our income into taxes.


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