These streets were made for walking

A friend over at The Nuthouse shared a link to, which purports to show how walking-friendly your neighborhood is by charting the distance (as the crow flies, btw, which is not equal to walking distance) to various amenities. My neighborhood received a very respectable 77 out of 100, rating it as “Very Walkable.” I was, frankly, shocked. Looking at the list of “amenities” they cite within 1 mile, however, shows where the disconnect exists. For “grocery stores,” 3 separate 7-11 stores make up 3 of the 8 they list. The others consisted of several small ethnic markets and a now-closed supermarket 0.7 miles away. While I love–and shop at–at least one of the small markets, they don’t offer any fresh foods or staples like milk. For milk I’d have to go to one of the 7-11s, and pay at least $1 more gallon.

To me, this does not make our neighborhood such a great walkable place when doing errands.

Grocery Stores

0.32 Mi

7-Eleven Food Store


0.29 Mi

Burger King

Coffee Shops

0.5 Mi

Dunkin’ Donuts


0.72 Mi

L a Bar & Grill

Movie Theaters

0.56 Mi

Arlington Drafthous


0.34 Mi

L-3 D P Associates


0.35 Mi

Alcova Heights Park


0.49 Mi

Arlington County Li


0.63 Mi

BC Comics


0.42 Mi

Gym Technologies

Drug Stores

0.61 Mi

Rite Aid

Hardware Stores

0.55 Mi

Allwine Associates

Clothing & Music

0.3 Mi

Euro Lantino

One thought on “These streets were made for walking

  1. That’s interesting and it definitely puts the ratings in perspective. I kind of wondered, myself because it seemed like a lot of places that I go that are close were not on the map. And I wonder if they take the walkability of the streets into account — like, would you have to walk along a busy highway to get to your destination?

    It’s interesting, to say the least.

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