1 down, 12 to go…

Classes, that is. And then there’s the dissertation, which I’m trying not to think about–an impossible task, given that the one piece of advice that everyone in my program has given me is “Have every course and every class assignment be leading towards your dissertation.” I hear from people who had their lit reviews practically written before they even got to proposal stage and think, is *that* what I should be doing? It’s more than a little intimidating, let me tell you.

But right now I have six weeks free from classes, six weeks to enjoy the end of summer, watch our (teeny) garden grow, try to save the tomatoes from the maurading squirrels, play in finally hook up and THEN play in the old-school sprinkler, and hang out with the kiddos. Even though practically every weekend between now and school starting has some sort of major activity going on. And with Ramazan begining on (or about) August 22nd this year, coinciding with my going back to school…well, I think we had better enjoy the time off to relax while the getting’s good!


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