Where are you, Summer?

It’s only July 2nd, and yet I already feel the summer slipping away. Perhaps that’s too melodramatic; what I really feel is the summer weekends filling up with activities. All fun activities, all things I’d like to do, but still. When you’re working and in school, weekends are about the only time you have to do all those fun chores like cleaning the bathroom. Attempting to make food for the week. Or, much more likely in my case, playing with the kids. I have pretty much given up on cleaning the bathrooms in any way which cannot be satisfied with one of those clorox wipes (in my defense, I do try to at least wipe-down the bathroom regularly) in favor of rolling around on the floor with the babies. I also have discovered a new solution to clutter: don’t put it away. Give it away! In fact, we have gotten so good at this that Fast Turtle regularly finds a too-small teeshirt or a baby toy and brings it to me, saying, “Mama, this is for a baby. Let’s sell it!” or “Let’s give it to Baby Cousin!” And we do.


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