In the end-of-term, off-to-Turkey busyness of earlier this spring, I wrote about my need for more sleep. Well, as it turns out, I did some major catching-up in Turkey. To wit, I fell asleep whenever and wherever I could. I regularly–like, every single time–fell asleep in the car. How could I not? We were invariably going somewhere with a longer-than-20-minute ride, after having eaten a big meal, sitting in the warm sun, with an almost-always sleepy baby on my lap. How could anyone not fall asleep under those conditions? Especially given my already sleep-deprived state?

Now that we are all back on East Coast time, we’ve settled into a much better sleep pattern. Fast Turtle is no longer waking us up at 5:30/6am. Now he sleeps until 6:30 or even 7:30am. Yay! Hurrah! The downside is that Baby Bug is regularly sleeping late enough that she’s not even awake before I leave for work. Boo!

Of course, new challenges in the form of an office move (mine) to a location 12 miles further away from home (but it’s a reverse commute! reverse commute, hah!) will doubtless throw a kink into our newly-organized routine. Isn’t that the way it always is? Particularly with little kids, a new pattern only lasts long enough for you to think tentatively, hmm, maybe THIS is the new normal, and then all the balls go flying in the air and you have to try to catch them all over again.


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