Off to Turkey!

Well, we are off to Turkey tomorrow…I almost can’t believe it! The semester is done, all papers turned in, work today is wrapping up 500 loose threads so that everything doesn’t unravel while I’m gone. Okay, perhaps that’s a little overstating my importance here. Just a little.

I am a little worried about the no-sleeping thing. And I don’t mean the kids. See, I’m one of those needs eight hours of sleep people. I’m not a late-night person by nature. But, when you have a full courseload and kids and a job, well, the 8pm-1am time is prime work time. Or, really, the ONLY time to get anything done, full stop. Since I’ve been staying up late and getting up early pretty much every day for the past couple weeks, my body seems to think this is the new normal. This morning, when I could actually “sleep in,” I was WIDE AWAKE at 5:45am. After going to bed at 1am (which, now that I think about it, is perhaps the problem). Maybe I should try going to bed really early tonight to catch up on sleep? (Ignoring for the moment the little problem of finishing packing for the 4 of us for 3 weeks away.) Or, just hope we can all sleep on the plane? (Note to self: pack benadryl).

I don’t have a good feeling about the sleep prognosis, y’all…

But, Turkey? That will be fun! See you all in June…


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