Once again, inspiration is coming from Brene Brown’s wonderful website. I feel like every Friday I stop and think, Where on earth did the week go? And then the weekend zips by, I dive into a new week, and before I know it, Friday’s back. Realizing last night that there’s really only a little over a week left in the term was a shock. Luckily, I have made major headway on all three of my final papers, so I’m actually feeling fairly confident. <Knocking on wood>

So, this Friday…

I’m trusting my own voice and the knowledge that “academic writing” doesn’t have to mean impersonal writing; that there is room for the “I” as well.

I’m grateful for an upcoming beautiful weekend with my kids where we have nothing planned except playing outside.

I’m inspired by all the strong, smart, insightful women that I’ve met in my program thus far. [Not that there aren’t men in the program too, I just have classes with almost all women.] They’ve challenged me to look at things in new ways, introduced me to new ideas, and have been a pleasure to get to know.

Perhaps I should have called this post “TGI-cheesy-F!” 😉


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