April, Come She Will

I can hardly–in fact, I can’t at all–believe it’s April already. Not in the least because Turtle turns 4 this weekend, but also because there are only 4 weeks left in the semester. Which means I need to write an average of 18.5 pages a week, or 2.64 pages a day, for the next 4 weeks. I’m sure some of you out there are scoffing. That’s still less than 100 pages in the next month, that’s nothing! And I’m sure once I’m in my dissertation, it will seem like nothing. But when you only have maybe, MAYBE, 2 hours a night, and the lure of springtime weather on the weekends, well…it makes buckling down that much harder. Of course, we leave for Turkey the day after finals are due, for 3 whole weeks, so that looming vacation does make concentration even harder, when in between thoughts of CRT come, “Should I pack jeans? Or just all black–the better to coordinate anyway? Is it better to pack too much–we will, technically, have 8 checkable bags between the 4 of us–or too little, knowing that we’ll have to change plans with two toddlers and all our carry-ons in tow?” (I am imagining Istanbul on a par with New York or Paris in terms of beautiful people, and don’t want to be too much the laide americaine.)

Any thoughts? Three weeks in Istanbul, with a 4 year and and a 2 1/2 year old–what to do? What to see? Where to go? Where to buy loads of Turkish-English kids books (for all of us) and texts in English on education in Turkey/the region for me?


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