Are things falling down around you?

This fall, a contributor to the DC Metro Moms blog write about living in the economy today and how it’s affecting her family. She writes:

Every day I keep an eye on the economic news, and I have a growing sense of dread and doom. We have tightened our belts in lots of little ways. Rarely eating out. Happily accepting hand-me-down clothes. Ever since the summer, I have been very conscious of saving on gas and electricity. We came close to buying a larger house a few months ago, but with the real estate market sinking around us, it seemed far too likely that we would end up owning two homes, a risk we just couldn’t afford.

But am I just putting a bandaid on a gaping wound? Is saving $15 at the grocery store with a judicious use of coupons or buying more clothes at the consignment shop and less at the mall going to make a difference? Is life as we know it on the verge of collapse? Maybe I’d also rather live in denial than face the scary facts.

Although it’s been a long time now that our little family has been finding every possible way to be frugal, it does seem like things are suddenly, drastically, harder.

What do you think?


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