This is my son!

ACTORS: Turtle and grampa (otherwise known as “Beeba”)

SCENE: Turtle is running around the house with a cowboy hat on his head.

Beeba: Wow, look at you, cowpoke!

Turtle: I’m not a COWPOKE, I’m George Washington, leading the army! [I swear, he really said this.]

Beeba: Oh, you’re George Warshington? [Note the mid-west/Ohioan “warsh” for “wash“]

Turtle: No, Beeba, it’s not Warshington, it’s WASHington!

Hahaha, this is so great. I’ve even been careful to curb my proneness to making fun of Warsh-talk in front of the kids, maybe out of some great maturity that struck after having babies (ha!). But, clearly, Turtle has inherited both his mom’s fine ear for languages and her ability to correct those around her ruthlessly.

Of course, I blame aunt Tee, because if anyone is merciless in the anti-Warsh movement, it’s her.


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