Officially a slacker!

Can I just claim HolidaysNeveredningIllnessEndingtheSemesterStartingNewSemester as one big excuse for my blog silence of the past 2 months? I really don’t have any better excuse. 🙂

We did have a great time, though, on our Thanksgiving trip to Florida. We went to the Naples Zoo–again, yes. But when you’re little, every time it’s New! Exciting! with Alligators and Crocodiles!! Here we are on the little boat tour of the “monkey islands.”

Thanksgiving in Florida!

I think you can guess from this next picture what the kids have gotten used to seeing mommy doing:

Working Hard

Lots of quality computer time! This laptop, incidentally, is the one I bought when I started my master’s program. It was–for the time–super light and small, and came with me to classes, the library, Starbucks, everywhere! In the 6 years since it has been dropped (more than once, thanks, honey!), wiped and software reloaded, it no longer runs except when plugged in, and the wireless card is only one more drop away from breaking in half. And yet–it still runs. Not very fast, and not on the battery, thus kind of canceling out part of the value of a laptop, but amazingly it runs! And now it’s time to be retired, to live out it’s life peacefully. Or, more likely, to be used as a paint machine by the kids unless it really does give out. Because this student has a new best friend…

<cue hallelujiah music>

Note: this is NOT my hand. 🙂

It (she?) weighs less than most of my books–even the paperbacks!–and is coming to class with me tonight. I’m so excited.


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