About him

I stole this from an old high school friend I recently caught back up with (thank you, facebook!) because a) I too am procrastinating and b) find my husband supremely fascinating and therefore you should too.

1. He’s sitting in front of the TV, what is on the screen?
News (preferably BBC) or that horrible “Catch a Predator” show about catching pedophiles. It’s his version of watching an awful car wreck, only this car wreck is the EXACT SAME each week, and invariably at the end he says, “This doesn’t happen in Turkey.” To which all I can do is nod sweetly. And roll my eyes at him, but only a little.

2. You’re out to eat; what kind of dressing does he get on his salad?
Turkish dressing: oil, lemon & salt. Or, ranch, if lemon is unavailable.

3. What’s one food he doesn’t like?
Let me tell you what his ideal meal is: soup, salad, rice, “watery food.” Anything outside of that is a stretch. Even such crowd-pleasers as meatloaf, turkey and mashed potatoes, spagetti and meatballs….it’s been a long, hard road, but we have both just accepted the fact that he likes what he likes, and although he’ll eat whatever is put in front of him, he doesn’t have to like it.

4. You go out to the bar. What does he order?
Coke. Wait, why are we in a bar? We’re never in bars. Okay, ASSUMING for the sake of argument that we hapen to be in a bar…coke. With no ice. Or hot tea, only he’ll make me ask for it. For a nice cup of hot tea. In a bar. See why we are never in bars?

5. Where did he go to high school?

6. What size shoe does he wear?

7. If he were to collect something, what would it be?
Garage sale finds.

8. What is his favorite type of sandwich?
Feta and tomato.

9. What would this person eat every day if he could?
See above, #3. Plus tea. (And I would add that he actually does eat these things *most* every day).

10. What is his favorite cereal?
Not a cereal fan.

11. What would he never wear?
A speedo.

12. What is his favorite sports team?
Fenerbahce! (Soccer)

13. Who will he vote for?
He can’t vote. NO, he’s not a felon. 😉

14. Who is his best friend?
His uncle Zafer, his friend Goksal, me?

15. What is something you do that he wishes you wouldn’t do?
Haha, a loaded question. Clip my toe/fingernails in any location other than DIRECTLY INTO THE TOILET. No more than 1 inch above the toilet seat, lest an offending nail leap away from the bowl to hide somewhere only he can find it…

16. How many states has he lived in?
One-good ol’ Virginia.

17. What is his heritage?
Turkish, proud, proud, ancient Ottoman civilization.

18. You bake him a cake for his birthday; what kind of cake?
Something very moist, not too sweet, and definitely little-to-no icing. He’d be fine with brownies, too.

19. Did he play sports in high school?

20. What could he spend hours doing?
Kissing the babies! Organizing our millions of baby photos. Talking about the cute things the babies did that day.


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