Private Parts

Last night, Fast Turtle, Baby Bug and I sat in the bathroom for at least a half an hour, singing songs and trying to poop. (The kids, not me. I was just singing.) After a fun–but, sadly, unproductive–time in the bathroom, we started getting ready for bed. Turtle was laying on the floor, getting diapered, and Bug was standing near him, narrating the process: “Now mommy get the diaper, that’s your diaper, not my diaper, and mommy put on the diaper on the boy parts…”

Turtle is just listening to her narration when he all of a sudden points to her, as she is standing there, naked, and says: “And that’s your girl parts!”

Evidently his pointing came a little too close for Bug’s comfort, because she backed away a little, and covered her girl parts with one hand. She shook her finger at Turtle and said: “NO, Turtle, don’t touch my girl parts!”

At this point, I saw a teachable moment to reinforce how girl and boy parts are private.  I started to interject, “That’s right, we don’t touch your girl parts because they are private–” and Baby Bug jumped in to explain:

“And they’re BREAKABLE!”

[Of course, like all little kids, Bug and Turtle have learned that some things we don’t touch–like mommy’s tea cups–because they are glass and they are breakable. So, it’s no surprise that Bug would extrapolate from untouchable cup = breakable cup to untouchable private parts = breakable private parts. But, still…I haven’t stopped laughing yet at the sight of her standing there, naked as a little jay bird, chiding Turtle about her breakable girl parts!]


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