I’m sitting here, wondering why I like the show Greek so much. In this week’s episode there’s plenty of internicine squabbles on both the sorority and fraternity side.; that part at least is true-to-life. And, of course, there’s plenty of the unbelievable–no one ever seems to have school work to do, have a bad hair day, or suffer a hangover, to mention just a few of the less believable aspects. I think, though, it’s that the storylines have enough of the reality of sorority life–you really do agonize over why a certain fraternity won’t have parties with you, and you really do, often, stay up all night talking with your housemates–to make for some good nostalgia. Even more than that, it’s the emotional tribulations that really hit home. No, it’s not quite “everystory” that your ex-boyfriend inherits millions from his family trust and lavishes it on his new girlfriend. But, the fact that the new girlfriend is both a sister and a former friend, a rival for the affections of the boy as well as the loyalty of other sisters in the house, someone who purports to be a sister but is instead more of a frenemy, well, all that drama rings quite true.

All in all, I really quite enjoy it. 🙂


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