A uterus won’t do it for me…

All my life, I’ve thought that if there were ever a female candidate for president, I’d vote for her. And now that there is a candidate who, I think one could fairly argue, is sitting rather much closer to the presidency than most other VP candidates, I won’t be voting for her. Although that still gives me a little pang of regret–just as Hilary’s lost nomination pains me–I’m just going to have to survive. As so many others have much more eloquently argued over the past few weeks, a candidate whose fundamental beliefs are so contrary to my own, whose experience seems so woefully lacking, cannot be ameliorated simply because she is a woman. Whether or not she could–or should– handle the vice presidency is completely irrelevant. I’m happy to let her personal choices remain her own. It’s her choices about what affects the rest of us that have me, frankly, more than a little worried about what the country would look like after another four years of war, failing economy, troubled schools, and increasingly activist social conservatism. I don’t think it’s a country I’d much care to live in.


2 thoughts on “A uterus won’t do it for me…

  1. So, it’s about liberal politics–not about supporting women in key positions. That’s what I thought all along!

  2. Yes and no–in picking a president, and vice president, it is about their politics, and I believe it should be. It should be about the issues, not whether candidates are women or men, black or white, etc.

    Feminism, on the other hand, IS about supporting women in key positions. I can disagree with Palin’s political views and still applaud her as a successful working mom.

    However, I believe feminism should also be about what’s best for all women, all families. It’s not about one individual reaching high office; that’s great for her personally and as a symbol, but doesn’t do much to change the lives of all the women who voted for her. And I haven’t seen anything in Palin’s record as governor to indicate that Palin as vice president would be a wise choice for women and families, at least not according to my values as a feminist.

    Thanks for commenting! 🙂

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