Modern Feminism: the new Supermom?

My parents have a picture frame they bought when they were newly married, inscribed Love means never having to say you’re sorry. I’m reminded of this when reading a recent Slate article on the selection of Palin as VP; the author quips:

Feminism, to the GOP, appears to mean never having to say you’re exhausted.

Both sentiments are, frankly, ridiculous, as anyone who has ever gone to bed angry over the un-washed dishes in the sink could tell you. Just as love means ALWAYS having to apologize, even when you’ve done nothing wrong, even when it irks every fiber in you to apologize–being a feminist should mean being able to announce without shame that you cannot do it all. Superwoman does not exist. (All we ever had was the slightly lame, and, frankly, more than a little trashy-looking, Supergirl.) SuperMOM really does not exist, if that means doing it all–house, kids, marriage, work–to the highest of standards, with no help.

So, if “Supermom” is the new line that the GOP is selling, well, I’m not buying.


2 thoughts on “Modern Feminism: the new Supermom?

  1. hahahaha, thanks. And I’m glad I’m not the only one to use the oh-so-lovely, and yet very descriptive, “threw up in my mouth” phrase! 😉

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