Where did July go?

Well, I can’t speak for you, but I can tell you where MY July went…to school! After 4 years I’m back in school, courtesy of the lovely free tuition benefit I’m so lucky to have. Last class is tomorrow night, and while I’ve been enjoying it, I think the end can’t come soon enough for daddy, Turtle, and Baby Bug. Especially daddy! He’s done an amazing, amazing job at picking up the slack–dinnertimes, bedtimes, keeping babies occupied while mommy does homework–everything. Now, someone other than me can put them to bed! Ahhh, the freedom…

In addition to the excitement of heading back to school (3 credits gained), WW has been going well (16 pounds lost), and we have the excitement of heading to Charleston (SC) for the wedding of a dear friend this weekend. Not just the happiness of attending her wedding, but a full weekend–2 DAYS and 2 NIGHTS–sans babies. I am perhaps more excited about this than I should be. But, oh! we get to get dressed up and dance and go out to dinner and walk around Charleston and sleep in and talk…all without interruptions, diapers, pleas for more milk, cleaning up spilt milk from leaky sippy cups, cajoling babies to eat, being awoken at the crack of dawn…!

And, by Sunday evening, we’ll be aching to see them again.


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