Did I mention that we love to swim? We really, really love to swim. We first got Turtle in the pool at about 5 weeks old, and he’s never looked back. We’ve graduated from wearing swimsuits with built-in foam vests plus water wings and are now onto these wonderful life vests. We have a blue-grey one with a shark face for Turtle and an adorable orange fish one (“a pufferfish!”) for Baby Bug, and they adore them. The best part is that they are approved safety flotation devices, so although it’s not like we toss the kids in the lake and then go off to make sandwiches, it is a comfort to know that these vests would be pretty safe should anything happen.

Most of the time I’m pretty anal about making sure that they are always wearing their swim shirts and hats when we’re outside–it’s just so much easier than trying to keep sunscreen on them!–but this past weekend we went swimming later in the day, and decided that a little nude swimming wouldn’t do any harm…for the BABIES, folks, just the babies. As you can see, I’m properly kitted out in my oh-so-flattering skirted tankini.


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