Weight Watchers: Day 43

Holy moly, day 43. I can hardly believe it–it doesn’t feel like it could have been that long already. And yet, here I am, having just passed the 10 lb mark this morning. I seem to have settled on losing around 1.6 lbs per week, which is just awesome. Having my parents living with me these past three weeks has been great, as we’re all on the plan and can cook together.

The secret so far? Fat-free, sugar-free pudding (1 point!) for dessert and air-popped popcorn with salt and spray butter (also 1 point) to help fill up. I was never too much of an evening muncher, but having both popcorn and pudding to look forward to makes you forget you’re even on a diet.

Of course, daddy comes home tomorrow (hurrah!) and that will probably shake up the eating…given that he’s got the metabolism of an olympic athlete and is always, always hungry. And happy to put away roughly 4 times what I can eat should eat at a given meal! The upside is more time to exercise now that he’s home…


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