Life Goals: Decade #3

I am a big one for making New Years Resolutions. Although I rarely keep them, there’s just something about marking the passing of time by acknowledging both what you are grateful for and also what you’d like to have more of in your life that I find irresistible. My resolutions are usually of the banal “lose weight” and the well-intentioned “learn how to_______” variety, with a “be more appreciative” thrown in for good measure. Only on the last one have I made any progress over the years!

Naturally, as I head into my 30th birthday coming up this summer, I’ve got lots of ideas percolating around about what I want to accomplish during my thirties. [Coincidentally, my friend Robin, blogging at There is More to My Life, wrote recently about her life goals, and I thought it was an opportune time to continue the theme.]

When I graduated from college, my life goals for my twenties were the simple, big ones: I wanted to have traveled, started a family, and be working towards a PhD. Easy, right? Well, I did manage to live abroad for 2 years, so I think I made a serious dent into #1. Obviously, the family is a check, a happy, blessed check. As for the last one, well, I can only barely give myself credit for it, as I’m finally taking a class this summer that is starting off the long, long path towards my PhD. Although, now that I pause to reflect, I did finish my master’s degree already, so what am I thinking? I deserve at least one quarter credit. 😉

I’m actually really excited about turning 30, probably in no small part because I’m so happy with my life. I really enjoyed my twenties, I got to do a lot of cool things, I met my wonderful husband (we’ll have been together over 5 years when I turn 30, which means that I spent more than half my twenties with him…wow!) and we had our sweet, darling babies that really are just the light of our lives…all in all, my twenties have been pretty good to me.

As for my goals for the next decade, I think they are a nice mix of the practical (hopefully attainable) and lofty (pie-in-the-sky). I do want to finish my PhD. I do want to have a career that is personally fulfilling and where I feel like I am making use of my unique qualities–that the path I find is one where I am called to really help improve the lives of others and leave the world, at least my small corner of it, a better place than I found it. I would love to channel my decades of on again-off again writing into an actual book that is published. I want to learn to bake bread and make yogurt. I want a real vegetable garden. I want to live healthfully–not so much for the vanity of losing weight and looking better, although I do have that vanity–but also because I want to be the mom who rides bikes with her kids and runs after them and gives them an appreciation for healthy foods and the wife who grows old with her husband. I also want to live healthfully for the world around us, and although I’m still figuring out exactly what that looks like, it’s so exciting to be living in a time where so much of the national–and international–dialog is about how to live in harmony with our place in the greater scheme of things.

What are your goals?


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