the departure

The departure for Turkey was, how can I put this…complete chaos. It’s a miracle they made the flight!

Their flight left at 5:45. So, we planning on being there at 3:45. Leaving our house no later than 3:00. At 2:00 Recep had one bag to pack–his carry-on. I thought we were fine. Oooooh no, was I ever wrong! He’s running around until nearly 3:00 doing last minute who-knows-what, and THEN tells us that we’re driving his aunt and uncle, too, which means we have to take the seat–with kid’s car seats–out  of the van, go get them, load them up…knowing how they are (perpetually late) I call over there at around 3 to tell them to be
ready in 5 minutes. Recep’s other aunt answers the phone and says “they aren’t packed yet.” After a couple minutes of my saying “Are you teasing me, and everyone is really all pack and standing there, laughing in the background?” I finally believe her, and tell her to tell them to get ready NOW.

At this point, I am starting to really panic. In the meantime, we are finally getting the van loaded up, the kids packed up in mom & dad’s car, and I have to empty the entire freezer (2 of those GIANT Ikea bags full!) because everything is starting to defrost, and I don’t want to have to throw away all that food. My parents take off, and we leave to go get everyone else. It’s about 3:15. We get there, and Recep starts to bring bags out.

It’s 3:30 and we still haven’t left yet. More bags coming out. (Everyone can take 2 bags to be checked, weighing 50 lbs or less, and 2 bags to be carried on, and they have ALL maxed out. Doing the math…that’s 8 GIANT suitcases and 16 carry-ons, plus a car seat and a stroller.) It’s after 4:00 before we finally get everyone in the car and we RACE to the airport. We pull up, everyone jumps out, I wave over one of the baggage guys with the big rolling carts, and…someone tells them to go away, that we don’t need help. So I went and got two of the little carts that you have to pay for with quarters instead, and tell Recep that if he wants to make the flight he has to RUN to go check in and get their tickets. Somehow they get all their luggage together and go, and since I didn’t hear otherwise, I assume that a miracle happened and they got on the flight. Update: Recep has safely landed in Turkey!

And I went home (well, to my parents’ house, as we have no electricity at home) and crashed.


One thought on “the departure

  1. I almost died from laughing. This couldn’t have been better described. It only needs couple of additions: Having been that late made us VIP passengers and they had to rush us to the plane using their only-for-them doors and exits. You had to see everybody’s face in the plane… Finally they were able to take off with the presence of the final passengers!!! 4 adults +1 baby

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