Weight Watchers: Day 20

“Day 20” sounds so much more impressive than “a little over 2 weeks,” doesn’t it? Or, is that just me?

Impressiveness aside, it’s actually going quite well. Allotting points is definitely helping me make better food choices and better portion choices (and isn’t that the whole point? *snicker*) and I haven’t yet felt terribly deprived. Probably because I’ve been sticking with my one big “luxury” of having two (or sometime more!) cups of tea a day. It’s been a long time since I had desserts regularly, and we never have kept many sweet or junky foods around, so not having chips, cookies, candy et cetera hasn’t bothered me a bit. My big sugar intake has always been tea: Three cups of tea with milk and sugar adds up to 6 points per day, which is a pretty sizable amount when you only have 22 points to eat for the day. I’ve slowly been switching out some of the sugar for Splenda, and right now I’m actually having a 0 points cup of tea (Splenda, no milk).

Obsessive tea drinking aside, I’ve so far lost 4.2 pounds. Which somehow is about 1.4 pounds per week. And while I’d love to be one of those people who loses like 5 pounds the first week and then 2 pounds a week after that, if I can keep trucking along at 1.4 pounds a week, I’ll be just fine!


2 thoughts on “Weight Watchers: Day 20

  1. That is awesome! I am on my first week and it is rather hard to only have twenty points. I guess what I get for being short lol anyway you are now my ww inspiration. You have almost lost a sack of potatoes!

  2. It is hard at first, but gets easier. I’m up to 10 lbs now, which I can hardly believe! How is it going for you?

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