Did you miss us?

Please say yes!

It’s been ages, I know. Does the excuse of “I’ve been busy” hold any water? Let’s see, in the past 3 months I’ve interviewed for several jobs, almost gotten one, got one, resigned the old job, worked one day at the new job, got another job, left new job #1 for new job #2, started new job #2, traveled to NYC, to Florida, took two weeks off to just be at home with the babies, landscaped our front and back yards (okay, so my involvement in that was minimal), started WeightWatchers (more on that later!), had Kerem’s 3rd birthday party…I’m sure there’s more I’m forgetting. It has been busy, honest!

The quick stats: new job at George Mason, yay! Where I get free tuition, yay! I’m now working 2.1 miles from home, yay 5 minute commute! Can you tell I’m thrilled?

After handing in my letter of resignation at the end of April, I had a wonderful two weeks off before starting the new job this week (not by planning–by accepting one job and then getting a second offer two weeks later–leaving 2 weeks free between jobs). We went to the lake for a long weekend–where it rained almost constantly!–but otherwise the babies and I just had fun hanging out at home, and daddy was even home with us for much of the time. We played in the garden, went to the park, baked pumpkin bread, and–probably most important–cleaned out my mind of all the baggage or bad juju or whatever it is that Meredith Grey is calling it these days. A few days definitely wouldn’t have cut it; I needed the two weeks to really move on, and hallelujah I feel like I have!


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