We’ve been sick, sick, sick…

You know that awful flu sweeping the nation? Like a new dance sensation, only the sensation is of wanting to crawl into bed and never come out? Yeah, it’s been fun. Fun like only two sick babies and a sick husband can be. I think my favorite was the night I spent half the time with my violently shivering husband and the other half curled up with my thrashing, moaning toddler. It was a long, hard, sleepless, alternately-sweaty-and-freezing night.

Now, though, we are on the mend. They are all better. I am the only one still sick. My cold has turned into something lingering, something with really sore throat and yucky gunk that I won’t describe in too much detail. My doctor, gem that she is, said “try some allergy medicine, they are over-the-counter now.”Gee, thanks. A few days of my husband’s Allegra-D have worked wonders on allowing me to breathe through my nose, but still no relief for the sore throat. Of course, all I probably need is a quiet day, where I drink tea and honey and don’t talk at all.

HA, HA, HA. Oh, I’m wiping away tears–and not all of laughter–now. A quiet day? Here’s my average day (one at home with the kids, that is):

Kerem, don’t push Ceyda, she’s a baby and it hurts her. Ceyda, don’t bite Kerem. NO BITING. Why is the sky blue? The sky is blue because the light from the sun comes through little drops of water in the air. Because mother nature made it that way. Because she likes blue skies. Because blue is her favorite color. Because she likes blue. I don’t know Kerem; have some cheese.


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