All the pretty fishes…

Sunday we visited the Baltimore Aquarium. It was a great trip–the kids loved pretty much every second of it. We saw the dolphin show, zillions of fish (“Ish! Ish!” Baby Bug says), and even a few sharks.

Here’s daddy and baby bug, posing for the camera.

Here’s our big boy, in front of one of the fish tanks. He was too interested in the fish to want to waste time smiling, so this was as well as we could get him to pose!

We also saw the “4D” film they were playing. Not so much a hit with the kids; every time we got sprayed with water, baby bug started crying again. About halfway through, Kerem turned to me and said, “Mommy, I don’t want to watch this anymore” in a very serious, small little voice. Unfortunately we were right in the middle of a very crowded row, so there was really nothing we could do except wait out the last few minutes.

They recovered pretty quickly and were running around and having fun for the rest of the day.

*Edited to re-link photos.


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