It’s really amazing how Baby Bug is just on the verge of a vocabulary explosion. This past week she has debuted “frog,” “flower,” “cow,” and others I’ve already forgotten. Her favorite activity is to bring you a book, thrust it at you, grunting, “Buu! Buu!” and lift her arms imploringly. If you hesitate, she throws in a couple tears and some foot stamping to seal the deal. She settles in on your lap and speed-reads through the chosen book. No time for actually reading; she just wants to point out to you the highlights. “Cow,” she says on page one. Flips a couple pages. “Meeow,” on page five. Flips a couple more. “Woof! Woof!” on page eight, shuts the book, throws it to the side, and she’s off again.

Fast Turtle was never a reader this young. He wanted blocks, tools, animals. He wanted to build things and knock them over and then run around the fallen toys. Now, he’s learned to turn in circles, spinning until he’s too dizzy to stand anymore. As soon as he starts spinning, Baby Bug runs and hides. She, on the other hand, wants you to read to her. She kisses the backs of your legs as you’re cooking. She kisses her stuffed animals and carries them around, at least for a few minutes. When you first see her after an absence of a few hours, she comes running for a hug, snuggling her head into your neck and tucking her arms in between your body and hers.

When you ask Turtle for a kiss, he cocks his head to the side, looks at you thoughtfully and says in a chirpy voice, “Probably not!”

How do they grow up so fast?


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