A budding artist

Lately Fast Turtle has gotten very into using our cameras. He’s always loved being allowed to play with them, but now he’s very aware of the picture-taking process, and has turned out some, frankly, rather artistic photos. And also a lot of mommy’s rear end. But, skipping those, here’s one of his most recent ones:

What I love about his photographs is that they are all on his level, so I’m getting to see our house really from his 2 foot high perspective; he often will select one toy sitting on the table and do a nice close-up shot. Like above, a close look at a Statue of Liberty snow globe that Aunt Tee gave gramma for Christmas.

Of course, he also will agree to sometimes be the subject of our photos, here with Baby Bug:

As our pediatrician says, tongue-in-cheek, every time we come in for a visit: “It’s really too bad that there isn’t a family resemblance!”

I particularly like Baby Bug’s flying nun hairstyle (a little hard to see in the pictures) that she has been sporting lately.


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