So big, so big…

Baby Bug loves to stand on her little stool–which was mine, once upon a time–and watch the trees, sky, the occasional plane or helicopter. She has so many new words now: car, tree, milk, cup, spoon…to the untrained ear they just might all sound a little bit the same. A little bit all like “nooo!” Imagine that. She is very clear with “no!” and “mama!” and now “baba!” (daddy). Lately she has taken to calling Kerem “mama” too (along with grandma, the TV, her doll, sometimes daddy…oh, and her actual mama) and he is very quick to respond, “No, I’m Ke-REM! Not mama.”

Of course, Kerem wanted a stool too, the better to be able to draw and peek over the top of the easel.

And they love having a snack inside the cupboard! I think we’re going to have to create a few little hiding places for them in the new playroom, since they loved having empty cupboards to climb into so much during construction. Right now they’re still riding high on the glee of actually being able to run around. Before, it only took about 5 steps to cross the living room, and another 2 to reach the farthest you could go in the bedroom. Now they run from the kitchen around through the new family room, or from the playroom down the hall to our bedroom, giggling all the way.


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