Sick, but still adorable!

Despite battling some sort of terrible cold for the past several weeks, the babies are just cuter than ever! Although, they really aren’t babies anymore, are they? Case in point: Kerem sitting in the cupboard at gramma and grampa’s house. I remember when he could fit his whole little self into a teeny cupboard. Now he looks like some gigantic teenager busting out of his hiding place.

Perhaps it is his new big boy haircut, courtesy of Mahir Abi, that makes him look like a little teenager-in-training.

Despite the pained look, he actually loved getting his hair cut and wearing the “SuperWhy cape!”

Ceyda also enjoyed sitting in the bathroom sink with gramma, watching the whole process.
And here are the two buddies, who spent most of the afternoon of Ayla Yenge and Erdem Abi’s birthday celebration playing with the curtain just behind them.

The buddies with Mahir Abi.


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