So big, so big…

Baby Bug loves to stand on her little stool–which was mine, once upon a time–and watch the trees, sky, the occasional plane or helicopter. She has so many new words now: car, tree, milk, cup, spoon…to the untrained ear they just might all sound a little bit the same. A little bit all like “nooo!” Imagine that. She is very clear with “no!” and “mama!” and now “baba!” (daddy). Lately she has taken to calling Kerem “mama” too (along with grandma, the TV, her doll, sometimes daddy…oh, and her actual mama) and he is very quick to respond, “No, I’m Ke-REM! Not mama.”

Of course, Kerem wanted a stool too, the better to be able to draw and peek over the top of the easel.

And they love having a snack inside the cupboard! I think we’re going to have to create a few little hiding places for them in the new playroom, since they loved having empty cupboards to climb into so much during construction. Right now they’re still riding high on the glee of actually being able to run around. Before, it only took about 5 steps to cross the living room, and another 2 to reach the farthest you could go in the bedroom. Now they run from the kitchen around through the new family room, or from the playroom down the hall to our bedroom, giggling all the way.


For the many, or the few?

The pursuit of edible lunch, article in the Baltimore Sun from 1/19/2008, writes about the campaign by 6 middle school students to have better school lunch options available to their school and 56 other schools in Baltimore.

Reading about the quality of school lunches around the country smacks me up against my almost-daily dilemma: do I agitate for better lunches for all, or focus on making my kids’ food as healthy as possible by preparing bagged lunches for them? Okay, my kids aren’t even in school yet. But another debate raging in my home school district about shifting the boundaries for elementary schools has brought the concern to the forefront for me, and, I’m sure, for many others. How do we balance doing what is best for all with what we feel is best for our kids? How do we wear two hats; advocating for the good of those who perhaps don’t have a strong advocate in their own home while balancing our strong–even biologically undeniable–drive to get the best for our own offspring?

I know, I know that there are those who will insist that by acting for the greater good we are doing what’s best for our children; that they will grow up in a world that values everyone, that the grand karmic circle will continue to cycle around and all the good that we have sown will be reaped for them. I know you might be thinking this, and in many ways I do believe it. And yet, I can’t bring myself to support something that isn’t in their best interests. As I mentioned before, my babies are babies still; but I know that if these school boundary talks happen 5 years from now, you may be able to convince me that it’s for the best, but you damn sure won’t be able to stop me from insisting, as vocally and as often as necessary, that MY children should be the exceptions.

Sick, but still adorable!

Despite battling some sort of terrible cold for the past several weeks, the babies are just cuter than ever! Although, they really aren’t babies anymore, are they? Case in point: Kerem sitting in the cupboard at gramma and grampa’s house. I remember when he could fit his whole little self into a teeny cupboard. Now he looks like some gigantic teenager busting out of his hiding place.

Perhaps it is his new big boy haircut, courtesy of Mahir Abi, that makes him look like a little teenager-in-training.

Despite the pained look, he actually loved getting his hair cut and wearing the “SuperWhy cape!”

Ceyda also enjoyed sitting in the bathroom sink with gramma, watching the whole process.
And here are the two buddies, who spent most of the afternoon of Ayla Yenge and Erdem Abi’s birthday celebration playing with the curtain just behind them.

The buddies with Mahir Abi.

Monday Morning Fun

Here Kerem is drawing on his neeeeew easel, from Ikea, while posing “as a statue!” Since he loves drawing but also loves being able to run off and then come back to drawing, this seems like a better solution than always having him at the table.

And here’s baby bug, eating whipped cream. Yes, she is eating whipped cream from her hand. It’s the morning ritual at gramma and beeba’s house. And, in case you were wondering, her shirt reads: “I’m in charge here; the parents are just for show.” Truer words ne’er writ.