Shrek the Halls!

If you are fans of Shrek, this 30 minute short film, “Shrek theHalls,” is hilarious. It aired first about a week and a half ago, andI recorded it. We’ve watched it probably every day of the past weekand a half, and I’m still laughing every time. It’s replaying tomorrow, Tuesday, December 11 at 8pm, on ABC.

One warning–I forgot to pre-screen, and my son was a little scared at one part of the story. About half-way through three of the characters tell their version of the “Night Before Christmas” story; first Donkey, then Puss, then Gingy, the Gingerbread cookie. Gingy’s story is about how Christmas is a “nightmare” and depicts Gingy’s girlfriend’s head being eaten by a gigantic Santa Claus. Although really funny for adults, the music, lighting, and screams of the cookies make this short section too scary for small children. It only lasts about 30 seconds, so a quick fast-forward should move you past this scene. As a comparison, my son requests that we skip the Santa scene here but still happily watches the rest. He was too scared after the first 30 seconds of the old traditional Rudolph movie (the snow? the music? the old-fashioned animation?) and didn’t last much longer for the Charlie Brown Christmas (“he’s too sad, mama, is he missing his mommy and daddy?”), so my son might just be on the sensitive side! The rest of the “Shrek” short is not scary at all, but does include typical Shrek humor.

More info:

Happy watching!


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