The Holiday Season Begins!

This past Saturday, my mom and I went with my sister-in-law and her daughter (who is Baby Bug’s age) took the kids to a holiday party. The best work holiday party EVER! They had guys making balloon animal (Fast Turtle got an airplane) a pretty yummy lunch buffet, a puppet show, free pictures with santa and a free gift for every kid, face-painting (Turtle wanted no part of that!), christmas cookies, people dressed in holiday costumes (like a big snowman, a reindeer, etc.) We had a blast!

The girls had matching holiday dresses (see photo), and they looked like such big girls dancing to the music and eating their cookies. The girls got a big stuffed elmo (like, as big as them) and Turtle got a Mr. Potato Head that he LOVES. He literally hasn’t stopped playing with it since we opened it Saturday afternoon. The first thing he said Sunday morning when he woke up is “Where is I mashed potato?” I guess “Mister Potato” sounds like “Mashed Potato” to him.

Sunday we just stayed home and I didn’t clean the house at all so it’s a huge wreck. But we watched “Shrek the Halls” (a little Shrek Christmas special that is HILARIOUS) like 3 times, put a blanket on the floor and played climb all over mommy/sit on mommy, and my little Turtle wore big boy underpants for the first time! He was so excited. He was less excited about actually going to the potty–and by that I mean he downright refused–but he also didn’t have an accident for the 4-5 hours he was in the pants! So, perhaps we will see some potty action before he turns 3 after all!


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