Vacation, All I Ever Wanted! Vacation, Gotta Get Away!

After two 16 hour car rides, 6 semi-sleepless nights, oodles of shopping, tons (or at least 10 lbs worth) of yummy food…I think I need a vacation to recover from our vacation! No, really, we had a great time. We played a lot, went swimming with the little avid swimmers that are my fish-babies, lazed around. Except for the small detail of the kids never really getting the hang of sleeping in a new place/new bed, and therefore never sleeping through the night–it was a great vacation. Here’s me and baby bug in the pool, and Kerem playing with his fun Cracker Barrel toy grampa picked out for him. (Prompting a rousing game of “What’s this? It’s a SEVEN! What’s this? It’s a L!” There’s only so many shapes you can make with it, evidently.) But, what a big, big boy he is!


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