Happy First Birthday, Baby Bug!

My little baby turned one yesterday…is it too much of a cliché to say that I can hardly believe it? I’m positively giddy with disbelief. Or perhaps that’s the leftover birthday cake I’m eating for elevenses…in any event, we had a wonderful party for her last night (pictures soon), where she showed off her newly perfected walking skills, wore a beautiful dress sent by her halas in Turkey, watched her big brother blow out her candles and open her presents, and had a great time. Until the very end, when all the little ones were fussy and tired, and right as we’re getting ready for bed she comes toddling over to where I’m changing her brother on the floor and, donk, falls right on him, head cracking against head, so hard that I can feel the vibration through the floor to where I’m sitting. A sad and painful ending, but what’s a kid’s birthday party without some tears and bumped heads?

This morning, as I try to wrap up everything work-related before our vacation to Florida (yay!), all I can think is how very, very lucky we are to have two beautiful, healthy, happy babies. Even when they don’t let us sleep a solid night through, even when they’re falling down all over each other, even when someone pulls all the clean, folded laundry out of the basket and throws it gleefully all over the floor (so much for packing for vacation!), even still. We are so very, very lucky!


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