Zoo, Zoo, Wonderful Zoo!

For gramma’s birthday this weekend we made our first trip to the National Zoo. We started at the petting zoo, which only had a short line to get in. Turtle was veeery patient waiting in line, especially once he found…the hand-washing pump!

Oh joy of cascading water! Oh streaming fountain, both bubbling cold and yet so splashable! With a handle I can operate all-by-my-self!

After that, how could the animals even compare? And yet, somehow, the joy of the water pump was equaled only by real, live, horses (miniature ponies) and goats, and by the exciting discovery that not only were there GIANT brushes in the paddock, but that one was ACTUALLY ALLOWED to use said brushes to groom the coats of these fine, albeit miniature, animals. An exciting discovery to equal at least the discovery of America, surely.

Even Baby Bug got into the act, and I only obsessed a teeny bit about calculating how quickly I could get her back to the hand-washing station after letting her pet the animals in order to ensure that no animal residue made it into her mouth. Only a very little bit of obsessing, truly.

After the excitement of the petting zoo, you would think that the rest of the zoo–what? I can’t touch the lions? Can’t feed the monkeys?–would bore us. You do not fully comprehend the attention powers of Fast Turtle. We had to walk through the reptile house, stopping at Every. Single. Tank. to look for the fish. Not the snakes, not even the turtles. It was the fish–in many instances, fish destined not for long happy lives as the main attraction, but rather for short, desperate, brutish lives as the main attraction’s snack–who really captured our attention.

And then there was the elephants. Ah, the elephants. (See picture of actual elephants observed, courtesy of FONZ). All they did was stand in the sun, throwing dirt on themselves, but you’d think that they were explicating the deepest mysteries of life. We must have spent a good 20 minutes watching the elephants. After which point we convinced Turtle to climb in the stroller so we could ZOOM around super-fast! (make it out of the zoo before dark). Still, all in all, yay for our first trip to the zoo!


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