Playing on a Tuesday Morning

Usually the kiddos are thrilled to get to gramma and beeba’s each morning. All their favorite toys are there, along with an ever-changing assortment of new toys. Here we have Fast Turtle playing the ever-popular game of “White Glove.”

Will the piano pass the “white glove” test? Will Baby Bug turn around right after posing so sweetly for the camera and try to steal big brother’s gloves and pound on his piano until, in frustration, he tries to push her away with his head (“Donk heads, mama, donk heads!”)? Why, I do believe the answer that question is a resounding YES.

And here we have Baby Bug starting to learn her numbers early.

Only she’s not really paying attention to the numbers, obviously. Rather, she is enjoying the one-on-one attention that camera time brings. While her brother usually runs from the camera or just stares off into space despite all out attempts to coax a smile out of him, Baby Bug is still happy to be posing. Probably only because she’s not crawling yet, so where’s she going to go anyway?


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