Our Dinner Out

Here we are at my fancy birthday dinner at the Chart House, where my honey got to try lobster for the first time. (He wasn’t impressed. I think it was the chewyness. Perhaps it’s also because he’s more of a load-my-plate-with-food kind of guy, so restaurants of the small-but-artfully-arranged variety don’t really do much for him. A meal, for him, consists of soup, salad, rice, main portion of something vegetable and meaty, tea and dessert. There’s really not a whole lot of American restaurants that cater to this kind of eating.) Note the lovely color-coordination in our outfits. This is just one of the many dorky things we do.

Although we had two high chairs, Fast Turtle decided that he much preferred sitting in the booth with Aunt Tee and Gramma.

Since he had skipped his nap–declaring after 5 minutes of standing in his crib and calling out all our names, “Good nap, momma. Nap done. Play with Aunt Tee!”–he was just a wee bit wired up. Luckily, copious bread baskets were provided (“More butter, momma. MORE BUTTER!”) and kept him fairly happily occupied. Here Fast Turtle is in his favorite shirt, in fact the only article of clothing he has ever named (“Bunglebee shirt!”) and demanded to wear. Three days in a row. Luckily, his pyjamas are also faves, so I can distract him with them and toss Mr. Bunglebee in the wash. Or, more accurately, in the basket to be washed…someday.

Until we tried to make him sit still for some pictures, that is. I love this one because it both shows Fast Turtle in his usual action mode of full speed ahead–I think he’s grabbing for the salt and pepper here–but it also catches Gramma waving in a “look! I have no hand!” way. Ahh, the camera phone.

Pictures courtesy of Aunt Tee’s neeeew iPhone.


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