Birthday Breakfast

In the week-long celebration that was my recent birthday, we waited until Aunt Tee was in town to have a family breakfast at our traditional breakfast place, Anita’s in Vienna. We’ve been going to Anita’s for over 20 years now (haha, nothing like counting decades to make you feel old!), first in New Mexico and now here. We all always get the same thing–4 orders of huevos rancheros–but all slightly different, just to be difficult.

Daddy and a little milky-faced Baby Bug:

Trying to get Fast Turtle to smile for the camera is always a challenge–here we are trying to show him a smile, and he decided to mimic what we were doing rather than do what we were saying:

Is he a cutie, or what?

Later, he and Aunt Tee made a tower of blocks. Or, as he always calls it, a “robot.” Every tower is a robot, no matter how tall or robot-looking it may or may not be.



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