Still sleeping…

It’s 8:20 am and the babies are still sleeping! And they both slept through the night! Ahhhh…even though Baby Bug has been sleeping through the night pretty consistently for about a month now, I still feel that tingle of excitement every morning I wake up rested. It must be left-over from the 9 months of constant waking and feeding that are a very recent memory!

For dinner the other night I made a super Spicy Chicken Tian (recipe of my own creation!) and both babies loved it. Daddy wasn’t as excited, but since he’ll eat pretty much anything that is “made with love from my wife’s sweet hands” (read: I’m just happy wife is cooking and not me!”) he is usually fairly easy to please.

As I’m getting ready to pull the chicken out of the oven, Fast Turtle comes running up, stopping just short of the open over door–and my arm–sticks his little finger in the air and shakes it at me. “Hot oven, mommy, HOT OVEN!” I’m glad that the “hot oven” lesson appears to be sticking. Of course, that didn’t stop him the other day when he dragged a chair over to the stove, climbed up, and had the lid off a pot of hot soup before I could even set the dish I was washing down in the sink! This is why he’s Fast Turtle…


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