My Bathing Beauties!

I’m very lucky that my babies have a gramma who is concerned with personal hygiene. Because in our house, when things get particularly busy, bathing is the first thing to go. I’m not necessarily proud of that, but there it is. Now, with little babies this isn’t so much a problem. It’s actually a good thing, delicate skin and whatnot. But with toddlers? Toddler boys? It’s a recipe for disaster, or if not disaster, at least a wee bit of grimyness.

But here are my baby angels, all scrubbed and squeaky clean. Fast Turtle even washed Baby Bug’s hair and scrubbed her back! He’s such a little helper: he’s always bringing us things he thinks we need. Anytime we’re leaving the house he brings everyone several pairs of shoes to choose from, “Hwey go, mama! Hwey go, daddy!” ( “Hwey go!” being his own particular contraction of “Here you go!”)

Just look at the mischievous look on Baby Bug’s face…


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