At Work and Have 5 Minutes to Find Something Good for Dinner Tonight?

If you’re like me, it’s often in that hour or so before lunch that your thoughts turn to food. Since what I have for lunch is never very exciting, I usually find myself heading for the web to find something new and fun–and healthy and cheap–and preferably with ingredients I already have–to make for dinner. Here are some of my favorite places to go, and some other great recommendations I’ve gathered along the way.

Online Recipe Sources:

  • Many rave reviews for the Six o’Clock Scramble, a weekly email newsletter that “provides five family-tested dinner recipes and a corresponding grocery list to its subscribers. Most take 30 minutes or less to prepare and have fewer than ten ingredients.” Six months of menus and grocery list for $26.50.
  • Along the same idea, menu-mailers from Leanne Ely at Saving Dinner. This one includes 6 recipes each week, and you can select a “theme” (vegetarian, frugal, crock pot, heart-healthy, etc.) for your recipes. Her site has lots of freebies as well. She doesn’t provide the grocery list, and a 6 month subscription costs $17.95. A 3 month trial subscription is $9.95.
  • For a free weekly newsletter, try Eating Well, which also has searchable recipe archives. Here’s a sampler of their Seasonal Desserts. Okay, desserts aren’t exactly the point here, but what’s a good dinner without a good dessert to follow?
  • Moosewood Restaurant Cookbook and online recipe archive is a good source for low-fat, often vegetarian recipes.
  • My fave TV channel (or one of them!), The Food Network. If you’re a fan of The Next Food Network Star, here’s where to find the recipes they made this season.
  • is also a great site with good search capabilities–you can even list the ingredients you want to use, and the ones you don’t want, and see what pops up. So, if you want a great quiche recipe but hate mushrooms, just list eggs as an ingredient you want and mushrooms as one you don’t, and voila!
  • Try the advanced search at They have zillons (okay, thousands at least) of delicious, healthy recipes.
  • If you’re looking for fancier fare, try Epicurious, the online home of Gourmet and Bon Appetit magazines. Or head over to the Epicurean recipe exchange–search by main ingredients here as well, always helpful.

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