Homemaking at its Best

Healthy Living = Happy Families is just a small brain-child right now–I guess it’s the younger sibling of my two year old son and six month old daughter! But it is because of my two beautiful babies that I’ve gotten more interested in living healthily and purposefully, and I’m thrilled to share whatever small nuggets of knowledge I’ve gleaned with anyone out there who might be reading.

I plan to share ideas for homemaking in the best sense of the word: making a home. This won’t be about staying-at-home, working-out-of-the-house, or any other fancy acronyms. We all need more time to do the things we really want to do in life, and we all need to make our footprint on the planet to be as small as possible, and I’ll throw a wild guess out there and say that we all need to live healthier, too! So, this is for you, all of you, and any of you, whether you’re a family of one or 10. Or more!

Who am I? Well, there’s two good answers to that:

Prebaby? I was someone who enjoyed reading, cooking, baking, travel, learning other languages, and occasionally watching Sex in the City re-runs.

(Although I must confess, I always wondered, Who ARE these women? And: How do they have time to brunch and lunch and shoe-shop with such vigor? But I suppose some of the sweetness of watching any TV show is in its disimilarity to one’s own life. My husband, for his part, loves to watch Everybody Loves Raymond and then say to me “Our marriage isn’t like that!” Like, Oh thank goodness you don’t mock me in front of your parents! Or, I‘m so happy that you don’t actually call me stupid to my face!)

Now? My vaunted daily to-do list includes reading Brown Bear, watching Sesame Street, cooking toddler-friendly meals with colored vegetables, deciphering baby-talk and toddlerease, sneaking in a nap on the couch while my son is watching the afore-mentioned Sesame Street (or, as it is called in my household, “COOKIE!”), and, if you were a fly on the wall, you’d think my favorite activity was cleaning the kitchen. Somehow I never move beyond the kitchen. I clean the kitchen at least every other day, sometimes I make it to the living room, rarer still to my son’s room…the bathroom? Let me just say, and I’m not proud of it, but we just bought our second shower curtain liner this year due to the lovely colors that were beginning to grow on the old one. And, since we don’t actually have a shower curtain, but only a clear liner, it must at the very least be actually clear.

Perhaps that isn’t the best story to tell you as I try to convince you that I actually know something about homemaking! But I do, I promise, and I’ll be posting recipes, cleaning tips, budget-living ideas, healthy planet thoughts…and, any suggestions YOU have for me to include! So, let me know what you think and what your best ideas are, and I’ll be thrilled over the moon to hear from you.


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